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July 11, 2022

Noa Kirel to represent Israel in 2023 (UPDATE)

        Today, Israeli Broadcaster Kan announced that singer Noa Kirel has been chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. According to a statement from Kan, a committee discussed 78 names “with rich and proven experience in standing in front of a large audience”.   21-year-old Kirel became famous seven years ago when she released her first single called “Medabrim”. The song was followed by a lot of hits. In addition, she start in the TV-show Double, In the movie “Kimaat mefursemet” and she participated in the show “Lo Nafsik Lashir”.   Since she sings with the international label Atlantic records, Kirel released three successful songs: “Please don’t suck”, “Bad little thing” and “Reashim”.    In a reaction, the singer’s representative said: “We received the news about the Eurovision Song Contest with complete surprise. We are happy and grateful for the choice of Noa and are proud to represent the State of Israel with dignity.   The Eurovision song is not anounced yet.   UPDATE: In an interview with radio presenter Raz Shechnik, Noa said that Kan spoke out of turn. Noa’s participation is, according to the singer herself, a ‘maybe’. To be continued…..      

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