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April 18, 2022

Malik Harris: the setting is going to be intimate

Malik Harris is the guy who is going to represent Germany this year. The 24-year old son of the US ex-showmaster Ricky Harris grew up in Issing near Vilgertshofen near Landsberg am Lech. His paternal grandfather was an opera singer, his maternal grandmother was a pianist, and his father played numerous musical instruments. His first singles “Say the Name” (2018) and “Welcome to the Rumble” (2019) became hits in the airplay charts and on streaming platforms such as Spotify. Malik Harris was the first German artist to be seen on a Times Square billboard in New York City for a week when his single “When We’ve Arrived” was released in October 2020. Our reporter Kal managed to elicit statements from Malik about the staging. “The setting is going to be intimate, very close, very raw”. Why? Watch the video and you’ll know it!

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Emma Muscat: Many people can relate to “I am what I am”

Emma Muscat will perform for Malta in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2016 she released her first single “Alone” on her YouTube channel and later in 2017 she released her second single “Without You”. In 2018 she released her first EP. A year later, her first official single was released, “Avec moi”, featuring singer Biondo. In 2020 followed the hit “Sangria”, a duet with the Italian rapper Astol. Our reporter Kal spoke to Emma; of course he asked her why she traded in the winning song from the Maltese final. Many people can relate to “I am what I am,” she explains, making more comparisons between the two songs in the meantime. Which of the two does she like best? That’s what she tells in this video… or not?

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