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April 14, 2022

S10: Party with your own identity!

S10 is the participant from the Netherlands. She will be featured in the first semifinal. S10 is actually called Stien Den Hollander. She made her first EPs in 2017 (Antipsychotica) and 2018 (Lithium). The titles say it all: she wrote lyrics about her own mental illness. The lyrics are therefore very personal. In the meantime she made two albums and scored a big hit, the song “Adem je in”. S10 is the first candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2010 to sing in Dutch. Our reporter Kal spoke to her. She told her about the lyrics of the song, gave her fans some advice (Party with your own identity! Who are you, what kind of clothes do I wanna wear, how do I wanna smell, you have to make a party in your own head!). But she has a lot more to say. Take a quick look at the video!

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Ochman: I’ll get a tan in Turin

In the 2nd semifinal we will see and hear Ochman. He will represent Poland with “River”. His full name is Krystian Ochman, but he only uses his last name in Turin. Ochman was born in Melrose, Massachusetts. His parents were of Polish descent. After graduating from high school, Ochman moved to Katowice in Poland. Two years ago he won The Voice of Poland. His first single “Światłocienie” became an instant hit. Our reporter Kal spoke to him. The conversation was mainly about the preparties, what he will be doing in Turin (I’ll get a tan and if I get the change I want to see a football match of Juventus). In addition, Kal tries to elicit something from him about the staging. If he succeeds? See for yourself…

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