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April 11, 2022

Zdob și Zdub: Eurovision is not a competition

The Moldovan group Zdob și Zdub already represents their country in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. In 2005 they finished in sixth place, and also reached the final in 2011. However, Zdob și Zdub has been around for much longer, since 1994. In the beginning they sang in Russian, but in the late 90s they started singing in Romanian. Frații Advahov are two brothers; one plays the violin and the other accordion. They accompany Zdob și Zdub. We spoke to them last Saturday before Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam. “Eurovision is not a competition, it’s like the biggest festival of music, of friendship,” says singer Roman Yagupov. He tells our reporter why the group is participating for a third time. He also explains what the song is about. And, oh yes, what about a possible entry for Romania? So watch the interview!

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