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March 3, 2022

S10 sings “De diepte” for The Netherlands

Today, the Dutch entry “De diepte”, sung by S10, is presented. On december 7th last year, it was announced that S10 (pronounce: esteen), whose real name is Stien den Hollander, was chosen to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Today, S10 presented her song “De diepte”. It is the first Dutch entry sung in Dutch since 2010. Yesterday, a video in which Cesar Sampson, Duncan Laurence, Stefania and Jeangu Macrooy commented on the song already. Therefore, we already knew that it’s a sad song. This is the song itself:  

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Serbia: first semifinal of Pesma za Evroviziju (UPDATE)

The first semifinal of the Serbian national selection, Pesma za Evroviziju, will be held tonight. The show will start at 21.00 CET and you can watch it here. Warning: it seems you have to register first. The ‘login with Facebook’ button does not work. The contestants are: Sanja Bogosavljević, “Priđi mi” VIS Limunada, “Pesma ljubavi” Zorja Pajić, “Zorja” Bojana Mašković, “Dama” Boris Subotić, “Vrati mi” Ivona Pantelić, “Znam” Bane Lalić & MVP, “Tu gde ljubav tu me postoji mrak” Angellina, “Origami” Ana Stanić, “Put bez povratka” Julija, “Brižna” Aca Lukas, “Oskar” Konstrakta, “In corpore sano” Igor Simić, “Nisam ja” Mia, “Blanko” Jelena Pajić, “Pogledi” Biber, “Dve godine i šes’ dana” Marija Mikić, “Ljubav me inspiriše” Lift, “Drama” The finalists are in bold letters.   Sanja Bogosavljević was a member of Beauty Queens, the 2007 backing vocals behind Marija Serifović’ “Molitva”. They also took part in the 2008 (3rd) and 2009 (4th) national finals. As a soloist, Sanja took part in the 2020 semifinal.Bojana Mašković took part in the 2020 semifinal.Igor Simić was 3rd in the 2020 national final.Biber was 4th in 2018.Lift was 11th in 2020.

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