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February 7, 2022

Norway: last chance starts

It is different from last year. After 4 rounds of Melodi Grand Prix, there will be a last chance show… in two parts. The first part will be aired on radio today at 20.05 CET. Four songs will be chosen, and they will perform live in the show of upcoming saturday. The contestants of tonight are: Mira Craig, “We still here” TrollfesT, “Dance like a pink flamingo” Eline Noelia, “Ecstasy” Lily Löwe, “Bad baby” Daniel Lukas, “Kvelertvak” Steffen Jakobsen, “With me tonight” Mari Bølla, “Your loss” Sturla, “Skår i hjertet”  Vide, “Titans” Alexandra Joner with “Hasta la vista” Kim Wigaard with “Melodia” Maria Mohn with “Fly”

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