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January 27, 2022

Spain: Benidorm-Fest continues (UPDATE)

Finally the moment has come: the pretentious Spanish National Final Benidorm-Fest will have continue. The show starts at 22.40 CET and you can watch it here. Seven songs were supposed to be performed in both semifinals. Note that From both semifinals the top-4 will go through to the final upcoming saturday. Note that Gonzalo Hermida will not perform live tonight, due to a positive COVID19 test. The plan was to show the video of the rehearsals, just like in Eurovision 2021; however, Gonzalo tested positive before the first rehearsal. Tonight we will see the video. The songs of tonight’s semifinal are: Xeinn, “Eco” (81 pts, 3rd) Marta Sango, “Sigues en mi mente” (63 pts, 5th) Javiera Mena, “Culpa” (50 pts, 6th) Gonzalo Hermida, “Quién lo diría” (76 pts, 4th) Rigoberta Bandini, “Ay mamá” (111 pts, 1st) Rayden, “Calle de la llorería” (90 pts, 2nd) Sara Deop, “Make you say” (49 pts, 7th) The songs, going to the final, are in bold letters. None of tonight’s artists ever took part in a Spanish national selection before.

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