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December 29, 2021

Albania to decide tonight

  Tonight is the night for Albania to decide. After a semifinal and an evening of special presentations, the 17 remaining songs will compete in Festival i Këngës. That is how the national song contest of Albania is called. Festival i Këngës has a long history. Even way before Albania started competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, Albania had it’s Festival i Këngës in the last week of december. Since 2003, the winner will compete in Eurovision the upcoming year.  Tonight, 17 songs and singers will compete. Although all the songs are in Albanian, that does not mean the winner will automatically sing the song in Albanian in Turin. You can watch it at 21.00 CET, here and here, but also on Facebook. The contestants are (in alfabetic order): Alban Ramosaj, “Theje” Denis Skura, “Pse nuk flet, mama?” Eldis Armjeti, “Refuzoj” Endri & Stefi, “Triumfi i jetës” Ester Zahiri, “Hiena” Gjergj Kaçinari, “Në ëndërr mbete ti” Janex, “Deluzional” Kastro Zizo, “Kujë” Kelly, “Meteor” Mirud, “Për dreq” Olimpia Smajlaj, “Dua” Rezarta Smaja, “E jemja nuse” Ronela Hajati, “Sekret” Sajmir Çili, “Nën maskë” Shega, “Një” Urban Band, “Padrejtësi” Endri & Stefi took part in 2009 (8th), 2010 (16th), 2012 (6th) and 2018 (semifinal).Gjergj Kaçinari was present in 2021 (final).Kastro Zizo was there in 2020 (semifinal) and 2021 (final).Kelly participated in 2010 (semifinal), 2013 (12th), 2015 (semifinal) and 2019 (semifinal).Mirud was there in 2020 (semifinal) and 2021 (final).Rezarta Smaja could be seen in 2013 (7th), 2014 (7th), 2015 (7th), 2016 (4th, in duet with Klodian Kaçani), 2017 (7th) and 2018 (final, in duet with Luiz Ejlli).Sajmir Çili was present in 2008 (semifinal).  

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