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May 31, 2021

Duncan Laurence recovering

Duncan Laurence has been quite ill due to the corona virus, but it’s now getting better. That’s what he told on Dutch radio today. It was the first time that the singer spoke in public after the Eurovision Song Contest. “I am now fully on my feet, we are going back into the studio today to see what I can do,” the singer told. His voice was still a little hoarse. “I was very sick, we know it can be an awful disease. But we have faced worse things.” The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2019 was watching the Grand Final at home on the couch, he said. “I got a lot of messages, of course it’s not the same as when you’re there. I was awaiting this for two years, and not just me, but the whole country did. So it felt bad. But I was happy with the recording and what my team has made of it.” Duncan also addressed the rumors that he would not suffer from the corona virus, but was absent on the final night due to fear of failure. “If I had had a fear of failure, I would not have gone to the rehearsals either,” he said emphatically. “If I had suffered from fear of failure, I would have been honest about it. Look at my documentary: I think it is very important to talk about mental health. I wouldn’t hold it back. But people are always talking.” source:

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