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May 24, 2021

Måneskin, back in Italy

It is two days ago now that the Italian band Måneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. They are back in Rome now, the city where it all started for the band. Eurovision Universe already paid attention to the history of the band last saturday. Let’s have a look at what happened after their victory. Already on stage the band had a statement, just like Duncan Laurence did two years ago. “Rock and roll never dies!’. “Zitti e buoni” appeared to be one of the first songs the band wrote. “It’s very special to us that exactly this song is the winning Eurovision song”, they told the press. Yesterday, the band arrived at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, where the Italian press and a lot of fans were waiting for Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan, the four members of Måneskin. They told the press about their victory, about the party that followed and about the one hour sleep they had that night. In a Dutch tv-show they also added how satisfied they were with the Dutch organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest. The band added that they want the next Eurovision Song Contest to be in Rome, their home base. Officials of RAI, the Italian broadcaster, already announced there will be a bidding proces in order to select the best place for the next Eurovision Song Contest. So we have to await whether Måneskin’s wish will come true or not. Unfortunately, we cannot deny the rumour going on about Damiano using cocaine in the greenroom during the Eurovision live broadcast. Already at the press conference Damiano said he did not use cocaine but tried to clean the mess of a broken glass. The band will undergo a drugs test to prove their right. The band also states that they are against the use of drugs anyway. People working in Ahoy confirm the band’s version of the story: broken glass had been found on Måneskin’s table. People who know what it looks like to use cocaine confirm that this was clearly not what Damiano was doing. All these facts together makes us hope this storm will lay down and we can follow Måneskin closely in what they will do the upcoming year. One thing we can already reveal: two of the band members can be heard in the Italian version of a new Disney film, called “Cruella”… yes, it iss a spin-off of “101 dalmatians”.  

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