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May 22, 2021

Italy wins the 65th Eurovision Song Contest

Italy has just won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. Måneskin sang the song “Zitti e buoni”. It is the 3rd time that Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest. Italy was closely followed by France , with expert jury winner Switzerland in 3rd place. The full result is: Italy, 524 pts. France, 499 pts. Switzerland, 432 pts. Iceland, 378 pts. Ukraine, 364 pts. Finland, 301 pts. .Malta, 255 pts. Lithuania, 220 pts. Russia, 204 pts. Greece, 170 pts. Bulgaria, 170 pts. Portugal, 153 pts. Moldova, 115 pts. Sweden, 109 pts. Serbia, 102 pts. Cyprus, 94 pts. Israel, 93 pts. Norway, 75 pts. Belgium, 74 pts. Azerbaijan, 65 pts. Albania, 57 pts. San Marino, 50 pts. The Netherlands, 11 pts. Spain, 6 pts. Germany, 3 pts. United Kingdom, 0 pts. A shocking thing was that no less than 4 countries ended up with zero points at the televoting. All the countries who got no points (The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom) were placed directly in the final. photo credits: EBU  

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In the spotlights: Italy – Måneskin

One of the favorites for the win is Italy, represented by Måneskin. As one of the already placed finalists, they will perform live for the first time tonight. But who are they? Måneskin consists of the members Damiano David (Singer), Victoria De Angelis (Bassist), Thomas Raggi (Guitarist) and Ethan Torchio (Drummer). In 2016, when they were still students at the liceo Scientifico J.F. Kennedy in Monteverde, Rome, they decided to form a band. The band’s name was chosen when they had to register for Pulse, a local music competition for emerging bands. They needed a name, and Victoria, who is half Danish, came up with the name Måneskin (“moonlight”). They would then come up with a “real” name later on. However, this never happened. The PulseContest marked a turning point in their career since they had to start writing their own songs. In 2017, the group became known domestically by finishing second in the eleventh season of the Italian version of X Factor. Måneskin in 2017 Their debut single “Chosen” was released by Sony Music on November 24, 2017 and reached number 2 on the Italian FIMI Singles Chart. It was included in the extended piece of the same title, released in mid-December 2017, and mainly consisted of covers previously performed at X Factor’s live shows. The EP was certified platinum by the Federation of the Italian Music Industry. On March 23, 2018, the band released their first Italian-language single “Morirò da re” (I will die like a king), which continued their commercial success. Måneskin’s first full studio audio, with “Morirò da re” (Come home) and preceded by the ballad single “Torna a casa”, was released on October 26, 2018. Both the album, entitled “Il ballo della vita” (Dance of the life), as the single “Torna a casa” topped the charts in Italy. To promote the album, the band released a documentary entitled This Is Måneskin. The film premiered on October 26, 2018 in Italy. Måneskin won the Sanremo Music Festival 2021 with the song “Zitti e buoni” (Shut up and be still) which, in short, is about those who want to progress by nurturing their uniqueness. It doesn’t matter who is talking (without knowing what they are saying). Winning the Sanremo Festival gave them the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. Måneskin is in the top 3 in the polls. Tonight we will know whether they will be able to take the victory to Italy. Good luck Måneskin! In Cooperation with Eurovision Artists Photo-Videocredits: EBU  

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