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April 22, 2021

Road to Rotterdam: Greece

A Dutch singer is participating for Greece this year: Stefania Liberakakis, who has a Greek father but in fact lives in Utrecht. Stefania took part in The Voice Kids, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the television series “Brugklas”. In 2020 she was chosen to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest and presented the song “Supergirl”. The Greek broadcaster renewed confidence in Stefania immediately after the cancellation of the contest. This year she sings the song “Last dance”. Stefania is also on the jury for the election of the best Dutch Eurovision song.

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Decision about Eurovision with audience on april 28

The Eurovision Song Contest without or with an audience: on April 28, the organization will hear whether the Fieldlab tests can continue for the nine shows. With more than nine hundred occupied intensive care beds, the government wants those tests to be canceled, so things are getting exciting for the organization in Ahoy. “Every day at 3.20 pm I’m looking at the so-called corona-dashboard very nervously with a number of people”, executive producer Sietse Bakker tells newswebsite “Of course not only because of the Eurovision Song Contest, but also because we are all concerned about the situation in the country. At the same time we can also relax, which many people are happy with. We will really have to keep a careful eye on it in the coming weeks. . “ 3,500 people per show could be present under strict conditions, but then the number of ic-beds in use should not increase further. At the time of writing, 839 people are in intensive care (ic) and the organization still has a week to go before a decision has to be made. Bakker hopes that the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place anyway, will at least provide some relief. “If you look at what has happened to us in the past year: closing society was ‘easy’, keeping it locked is complicated, but unlocking it is a devilish dilemma: who can go first? I’m glad I don’t have to make a decision about that. That will inevitably lead to social discussions and I hope that we can connect with the Eurovision Song Contest, because that is what the Eurovision is all about. ”

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