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March 5, 2021

Meanwhile in Serbia: Loco loco

And there is another song online. It is the song Hurricane will sing for Serbia: “Loco Loco”. The song is composed by Darko Dimitrov and Nemanja Antonić, while group member Sanja Vučić wrote the lyrics. Last year, Hurricane was supposed to represent Serbia with the song “Hasta la vista”. This year, they will get a new chance.

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Armenia withdraws

After many speculations about whether Athena Manoukyan would represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest or not, another decision has been made by Armenian broadcaster AMPTV: Armenia will not participate in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The news was published by Head of Press David Tserunyan, who posted this on Twitter: “Very sad to announce that despite our best efforts, Armenia will not participate at @Eurovision 2021. The events that followed after the confirmation of our participation have made it impossible to organize an entry in time for this month’s deadline. #ESC2021 #Armenia.” He doesn’t give any details about what events he meant, but due to the political situation in Armenia they didn’t participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as well. Hopefully we will see Armenia back in the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

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Australia brings song in technicolour

The Australian song is online now too. While Europe was asleep, Montaigne published her entry “Technicolour”. Montaigne wrote the song herself together with Dave Hammer. She will perform in the 1st semifinal. This weekend, Montaigne will perform the song live for the first time. Last year, Montaigne won the national selection with the song “Don’t break me”. Due to the cancellation of the contest, she never represented her country. This year, it is gonna be her turn…

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