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May 5, 2020

First ten Eurostream finalists known!

It was a great show, and now we have the results. After an exciting reveal, we know now which 10 songs went through. The number behind the name of the country is the number in the following order next saturday in the final: Lithuania (6)Malta (3)Romania (8)Sweden (16)Russia (13)Israel (21)Norway (12)Australia (2)Azerbaijan (26)Belgium (17)

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Tonight is the night! Semifinal 1 of Eurostream2020!!

Tonight is the night: at 21.00 CET the first semifinal of Eurostream2020 will take place. You can either follow it on Facebook or Youtube.Eurostream is the alternative, now that we will not have a Eurovision Song Contest. Can you imagine: tonight we know which semifinalists will go on to the final, upcoming saturday. Team Eurovision Universe is thrilled and excited about it. What about you? We will follow the event closely on twitter at uor channel @eurovisionuniv1. Are you following it with us?There will be an expert jury, but… you can vote in this semifinal as well!! The lines are even opened already, you can vote here.

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