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March 4, 2020

Jeangu Macrooy sings “Grow” for hostcountry

It was already known for two months that Jeangu Macrooy will represent hostcountry The Netherlands in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. However, the song has just been published today. The title of the song is “Grow”. The song is about growing up and realizing there is no manual for life, and the second part talks about a more optimistic view of life. 

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Gjon’s Tears represent Switzerland

Switzerland officially announced their contestant today: Gjon’s Tears. It is the stage name of Gjon Muharremaj, a Swiss singer of Kosovar roots. The song he is going to sing is in French and it is called “Répondez-moi”. The song is written and composed by Alize and Xavier Michel, Jeroen Swinnen and Gjon himself. Switzerland will perform in the second semifinal.

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