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February 19, 2020

Eight winners in entre act Eurovision Final

photo: from left to right: Gerben Bakker, Getty Kaspers, Lenny Kuhr The entre act for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will not be an international star like Madonna. However, eight former Eurovision winners will enter the stage. That is what Gerben Bakker, head of show at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, announced today at the tv-show Op1. He was accompanied by former winners Getty Kaspers (Teach In) and Lenny Kuhr. Bakker explained that the entre act will partially take place live on stage and partially at other places in Rotterdam. The three didn’t want to reveal what places, but Lenny Kuhr said that she did not have fear of heights, so we think of either the Erasmus Bridge or the Euromast.The eight singers, performing in the Eurovision final, will be: Gigliola Cinquetti Lenny Kuhr Getty Kaspers Sandra Kim Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan Alexander Rybak Duncan Laurence

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