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February 4, 2020

Eden Alene represents Israel

Eden Alene is the winner of Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion, the Israeli national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the contest with a landslide! She will, on march 3rd, perform 3 songs, one of which she will sing in Rotterdam at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.  The show started with two duels:Eden Alene vs. Orr Amrani-BrockmanElla-Lee Lahav vs Gaya ShakiEden Alene was saved by the juries and continued too. The final result was: 1 Eden Alene, 260 pt.2 Ella-Lee Lahav, 182 pt.3 Orr Amrani-Brockman, 158 pt. Photo: Ronen Ackerman

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Ljiljana Petrović passed away

Today we received the sad news that the Serbian singer Ljiljana Petrović passed away. In 1961, Petrović was the very first singer ever to represent Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Neke davne zvezde” reached a 10th place in the contest.In the 1960s, Ljiljana Petrović was a star in Yugoslavia. She took part in many contests and festivals. In the 1970s, her singing career faded. However, she was known in the 1990s for making haiku poems and songs. Ljiljana Petrović was 81 years old.

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Tonight Israel decides

Tonight is the night for Israel. That means, tonight we will know the artist representing Israel. You can watch the show here at 20:15 CET. The four remaining artists in Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion will compete in duels. Beside the two winners, the jury will save a 3rd artist. One of these three will be chosen as the Israeli representative. In a tv show on the 3rd of march, he or she will present four songs, one of which will be the Israeli entry. The contestants are: Ella-Lee Lahav Eden Alene Gaya Shaki Orr Amrani-Brockman Photo by Ronen Ackerman

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Italy: First night of San Remo

Tonight will be the first night of the 70th annual festival of San Remo. Five nights, you are able to watch a show full of Italian music. On the fifth night, not only the winner but also Italy’s contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest (likely the winner) will be decided. 24 contestants participate in the ‘Sezione Big’,  wellknown names in Italy and abroad. Eight artists will perform in the “Sezione Nuove Proposte”, those are newcomers. Tonight, 20:40 CET, the first half of both will present their songs. You can watch the show here. The performers of tonight are: Sezione Big Irene Grandi, “Finalmente io” Marco Masini, “Il confronto” Rita Pavone, “Niente (Resilienza 74)” Achille Lauro, “Me ne frego” Diodato, “Fai rumore” Le Vibrazioni, “Dov’é” Anastasio, “Rosso di rabbia” Elodie, “Andromeda” Bugo & Morgan, “Sincero” Alberto Urso, “Il sole ad est” Riki, “Lo sappiamo entrambi” Raphael Gualazzi, “Carioca” Raphael Gualazzi represented Italy in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and became 2nd, being the winner of the expert jury. Sezione Nuove Proposte Eugenio In Via Di Gioia, “Tsunami” Tecla Insolia, “8 marzo” Fadi, “Due noi” Leo Gassmann, “Vai bene così”  

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