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January 28, 2020

And this ís the allocation draw!

Today, the allocation draw took part. The following order is not known yet, but it is known which country has to perform in which semifinal. 1st semifinal, 1st half North Macedonia Belarus Lithuania Sweden Slovenia Australia Ireland Russia 1st semifinal, 2nd half Norway Cyprus Croatia Azerbaijan Malta Israel Ukraine Romania Belgium 2nd semifinal, 1st half Austria Moldova Poland San Marino Serbia Iceland Czech Republic Greece Estonia 2nd semifinal, 2nd half Denmark Bulgaria Switzerland Finland Armenia Latvia Georgia Portugal Albania final – these countries are automatically qualified France (votes in semi 2) Germany (votes in semi 1) Italy (votes in semi 1) Spain (votes in semi 2) The Netherlands (votes in semi 1) United Kingdom (votes in semi 2)

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Today: semi final allocation draw

On Tuesday 28 January at 16:10 CET, the Semi-Final Allocation Draw will take place to decide which country will perform in which of the 2 Semi-Finals. During the ceremony, the Host City Insignia will be handed over from the city of Tel Aviv to the Mayor of Rotterdam. You can watch the entire event here at 16:10 CET. You will be able to see the 2020 Eurovision hosts Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit at work, as they will host the allocation draw too. The event will take place at Rotterdam’s City Hall. The pots for the allocation draw are as follows: Pot 1: Albania Austria Croatia North Macedonia Serbia Slovenia Switzerland Pot 2: Australia Denmark Estonia Finland Iceland Norway Sweden Pot 3: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Moldova Russia Ukraine Pot 4: Bulgaria Cyprus Greece Malta Portugal Romania San Marino Pot 5: Belgium Czech Republic Ireland Israel Latvia Lithuania Poland source:

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