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December 9, 2019

Postcards in a different way

The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 calls on Dutch people to welcome one of the 41 participants in their street, sports club, group, community or club. This special call has everything to do with the “postcards” – the short introduction films with which the participants are usually introduced. “We deliberately chose to show the best of the Netherlands in our postcards: the people and their hospitality, in all their diversity. From the barbecuein the street, the carnival club and the student asscociation to the football club, the break dance group and the annual carbide shooting – we do it together. During the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 we want to show that to those 180 million viewers. With the theme of Open Up as a common thread, we show the positive, connecting force that fits our country,” Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer Event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, said. Each artist sees and experiences his or her own unique piece of the Netherlands prior to the Eurovision Song Contest, by participating in an activity, tradition or hobby of a group of Dutch people. This will be the basis of the videos – the so-called postcards – which, entirely in the Eurovision tradition, introduces the performances of the artists during the semifinals and the final. What the postcards will look like and what exactly  the participants will do, remains a secret for the time being. “So this time we opt for a different interpretation than the often more tourist impressions presented by the host country during the Eurovision Song Contest,” Sietse Bakker adds . source: npo

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