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December 3, 2019

Discover Rotterdam!

Are you planning on coming to Rotterdam in May 2020? Good choice; you will definitely enjoy it! Not only because of the musical event that we all love, but also because of the city. I was asked, born and raised in Rotterdam, to write a blog about Manhattan at the Maas, but first let me introduce myself … I am Jeroen ‘t Hart, born in Rotterdam (from Zuid), owner of Mijn ReisKennis and a travel advisor for years. When, as a child, I lived in the outsider of the Dutch cities, the modern center was the height of ugliness for me. Only under the lead of mayor Aboutaleb, who put the city on the map positively in several ways, my heart opened to this city. So my love for the city flourished pretty late, but once I started looking at contemporary architecture, the raw edges and my stubborn fellow citizens, I completely fell in love.    The city center had turned into a bubbling and living place, where everything seemed possible. The economical crisis had ensured that people who had nothing to lose finally dared to pursue their dreams. This resulted in the opening of countless restaurants, concept stores, lunchrooms, clothing studios, pop-up shops and so on. Rotterdam has developed so well in recent years, partly due to the extreme energy and the ongoing perseverance of its inhabitants. Was it difficult ten years ago to plan a whole Saturday evening full of great activities? Now it is no longer possible to keep up with the offer. There are also plenty of fun things to do outside the city. Take the subway to The Hague or, in good weather, to the beach in Hoek van Holland. Along the river Maas there are a lot of boats. For example, you can take the water bus to Dordrecht but you can also make trips on the water. Kinderdijk or the Biesbosch are around the corner. Come and discover how much fun Rotterdam is! Visit my new website    : www.mijnreiskennisjeroen.nlLike my facebook page : mijnreiskennisjeroen

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